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Why I Love This Manga

In Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction by Inio Asano, Kadode Koyama and Ouran Nakagawa are two ordinary high school girls and best friends. They do ordinary things like hang out with their small group of friends and obsess over their cute, pervert professor. They live a normal life, with nothing out of the ordinary. Except for one thing. The alien mothership that invaded Tokyo three years ago.

While others may protest and debate on how to eliminate the ship, Kadode and Ouran are more interesting on investigating the invaders, all while simultaneously balancing a crumbling social life. After all, it’s only an amount of time before the invaders destroy all of Japan. But as times change and the invasion begins to affect the friends in different ways, would it be so bad to kill the aliens after all?


My thoughts

DDDDD is amazing! The backgrounds and scenery are amazingly detailed, from dents in the sidewalk to the mothership, every scene is photorealistic to the max... which can not always be a good thing, either. Some pages are a little flashy, but it doesn’t really bother me. The detailed background is broken up by the occasional less-than manga style person, and it’s a cool contrast to see how they work together. I do really like this style, and I wish I could draw this way!

This is my current favorite manga, not just because of the art but because of the story. Dead Dead Demon is categorized as a Slice-of Life manga, a genre that usually follows a schoolgirl and her schoolmates in their daily lives. Though Dead Dead Demon does have some of those elements, it is far but. It has a darkly humorous story with a bit of a scary and suspenseful element. The plot is very slow though and had me a little bored at parts. During the first book the mothership doesn’t really do anything, leaving a impending doom a little to impending. It’s not until the second or third book when things start to ramp up, and boy! Do things get serious. But that’s spoilers!

My only wishes was that they would start publishing more novels of it in America, because right now in Japan there are seven books and only five available in English here in America. Dead Dead Demon is being serialized in some manga magazine over in japan, so the publishing company has to have enough chapters to make a novel. Apparently, Dead Dead Demon is on some sort of hiatus so they can’t make any books = can’t get them translated into English = not available in America!!! Someone has to get on it!

I really like this series and I want you to read it, but it is rated MA! There’s no blood or sex but they do swear. I suppose that paired with some implied death and a dark theme will get it rated MA. If you’re easily offended by aliens and colorful vocabularies, this might not be the series for you.

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