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What do you want for your 13th birthday?


In Savvy by Ingrid Law, the Beaumont family seems like a normal family. They do normal things (most of the time), and have normal hobbies (some of them), only....there’s just ONE not normal thing about them.

On each family member's 13 birthday, they discover their magical power called a Savvy. Mibs is a “ordinary” Beaumont girl happily awaiting to turn 13. Her brother, Fish, can control the weather, while her older brother, Rocket, can create electricity. But when she does turn thirteen, she discovers her new Savvy, the ability to wake people up.

Mibs doesn’t tell anyone until she finds out that her father has fallen into a deep coma and won’t wake up. She secretly boards a bus with her brother Fish, her crush Will Jr., and his mean big sister, Bobbi, to sneak to the hospital. But when things go haywire and Mibs starts to hear tattoos talk to her, she realizes that maybe being special doesn’t require having a superpower.




After traveling forever with the friendly stuttering bus driver, Lester, and the former-hijacked waitress, Lil, Lester stops by his ex-wife’s Carleen’s house to give her the money he owes her, Carleen recognizes the bus’s passengers as the missing children on TV.

The kids get taken to the hospital where Mibs’s and Fish’s dad is with their mom and big brother, Rocket, after Mibs discovers that her Savvy wasn’t waking people up, it was reading people's minds if they have a tattoo. Mibs manages to wake her dad up by talking to his mermaid tattoo, and they happily go back home.


My thoughts:

This book starts fast, slows down, and speeds right back up again.

Savvy is a fabulous book about family and friendship that every book lover should read. It totally deserves its Newbery Honor Award and should get more.

The second book, Scumble, should be a good read too and I’m looking forward to it (How have I NOT read it? It came out 8 years ago!)

Also, this is pretty new, I JUST discovered the third book, Switch. Now I have to read that one too!

Savvy’s setting, characters, and plot all add up to be a great book that should be in every book discussion.

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