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Updated: Mar 8, 2018

Find out if this retelling of a classic tale is worth reading, even when your mom tells you it's time to go to bed.

Today's fairy tales vs tales of yesteryear. Which do you like better?

Have you ever noticed how gross classic fairy tales are?

Once upon a time, fairy tales were awesome! They were not the sugar coated fairy tales we have today. With unimaginable amounts of violence and bloody gore, in A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Gidwitz, we follow the classic story of Hansel and Gretel, whose royal parents cut off their heads to save some ugly old guy... or that's what they thought. Leaving behind their palace to find better parents, they may or may not encounter child-eating moons, female cannibals, talking trees, evil men, the pits of hell, golden apples, and giant, fire breathing dragons. So if you want to read a book like this, I welcome you... if you dare!


This book is quite enjoyable, and I do really like how Adam Gidwitz retold old and possibly unknown fairy tales and somehow made them connected with Hansel and Gretel.

This book is gory, but not in a way that will scar you for life. It is kind of like A Series of Unfortunate Events in the way that it has dark humor and a nice-but-dark setting. Hansel and Gretel start off as just nobodies until they set off in the big, dark, magical world and eventually become heroes of the kingdom they thought once was against them.

For the person who enjoy lots of dark humor and twisted tales, look no further than A Tale Dark and Grimm.


After Hansel and Gretel are reunited after escaping from all sorts of evil things, they find themselves in the kingdom they once ran away from. There they discover that the kingdom is under attack by a giant, blood-thirsty dragon.

They are reunited with their parents, the king and quean, and raise an army of villagers against the dragon, but few are skeptical and refuse to fight. But even with a army, Hansel and Gretel do little damage to the dragon, only slicing off its toe.

Hundreds are killed, and the siblings are defeated. But now their father has a new limp he blames on a "shaving accident." After gathering evidence, Gretel proves that her father is the dragon and kills him by slicing off his head.

But like Hansel and Gretel did before, their dragon father comes back to life, free of the devils that corrupted him. Hansel and Gretel tell their mom and dad of all of their travels and for all their heroism, our two main characters crowned the new king and queen of their kingdom. I guess even the bloodiest of fairy tales deserves a happy ending.

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