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Pretty 'Peculiar': Why this Ransom Riggs tale is a classic in the making

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Why this book is just as good the 11th time as the 1st.

Jacob loves his grandfather. Believing his old stories of magical children on their home on a distant island, far away from the monsters that pursued them, accompanied by odd pictures.

But as the years change, so does Jacob -- no longer believing his grandpa's stories and chalking them up to being exaggerations of his grandpa's own childhood.

Jacob tries to forget the old stories, until the day his grandpa dies. Jacob sees his grandpa be killed by a horrid monster, one that Jacob has heard from one of his grandpa's old stories. But when nobody believes what he saw, Jacob has to go through therapy with Dr. Golan.

One day, Jacob finds a letter for his grandpa from a woman named Miss Peregrine, where she reveals the secret location of the "peculiar children." Jacob goes on a quest to find the peculiar children and when he finds them, he discovers they are under attack by the evil hollowgasts and wights, and only Jacob can help them. REVIEW This book is filled with real, old photographs, blended with an amazing story to create an eerie experience that anyone with an open mind can enjoy.

I highly reccomend this book to those who love thriller books and magic. I'm not going to do a ending, because this book really is something you should experience yourself.

This is one of my favorite books, and one that I pick up over and over again to re-read it. It's THAT good.

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