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Owl bet you can't put it down: Why Book 3 is the Best 'Guardians' Yet


Our favorite feathered friend, Ezylryb, has gone missing in Guardians of Ga’Hoole Book 3: The Rescue

by Kathryn Lasky. But that is not the only thing that is strange.

Soren sees a strange comet in the sky and he has a dream about it being made of flecks. When he sees the ghosts of his parents in the woods where he flew, they tell him to beware of an owl called Metal Beak, the evilest owl to have ever lived.

When he tells others about this, he is sent on a quest to find an owl called the Rouge Smith of Silverveil.



Ending: Once Soren finds the Rouge Smith, she tells him all about how metal beak is far, far worse than anything they’ve ever faced.

They also talk to Octavia, a nest maid at the Ga’Hoole Tree who tells them all about Ezylryb’s dark past.

Then, here comes Eglantine, who has awakened from her trance. She tells them about how Metal Beak is using the flecks and what he plans to do with them.

A group of owls find Ezylryb trapped in a magical chamber. The group works together to break it and Ezylryb is welcomed back.


A seriously good read.

My thoughts:

This is my favorite book in the Ga’Hoole series so far.

It contains crucial plot points and introduces my favorite character: The Rouge Smith of Silverveil.

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