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Meyer Month: Cress!

Hello Readers, and welcome to the last day of Feburary! As promised, Meyer Month will be continuing through March, hopefully until I finish reviewing all of Marissa Meyer's books. No need to dilly-dally then! let's get on withy the review!

Cress Darnell is a shell, a lunar (see previous blogs for more information) lacking the special gene to control others. Once a blood harvesting subject, Cress's incredible hacking ability caught the eye of Queen Levana, who decided to use the young girl as a powerful tool. Forced to live in a satellite orbiting earth, Cress decides to disobey her lunar captors and aid the cyborg rebel Cinder after accidentally interrupting her comm.

But when wanted fugitive Carswell Thorne crashes into Cress's life, things take a turn with Cress's satellite falling to earth, Cinder being on the run from authorities, and a uprising of bloodthirsty hybrid wolf soldiers taking over the streets. The slaughter started by Queen Levana shows no signs of stopping, but now lone cyborg Cinder has found another reason to fight. She is the long lost princess of Luna, Princess Celene. Aided by Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, and Thorne, Cinder's small rebellion just might save earth, or end it.


My Thoughts

Comparing this to Scarlet, Cress is a great recovery from a not so great sequel.

Unlike Scarlet, Cress seems a little less rushed. I mean, come on, wolf mutants engineered by moon people? Seems a little far-fetched if I say so, even for a sci-fi novel. Surprisingly, Cress takes the idea of strange wolf people and does great with it. I know that Marissa Meyer only made the wolf soldiers because Scarlet was a adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, but how will that concept work in a book about Rapunzel? The truth is that Cinder focuses more on Cress and Thorne's journey, less on the events of the previous book. This is both a plus and a fault in my opinion, as we get to see more of the continuing story, but are missing out on continuity.

Still, expanding the story is better than worse. Cress introduces my favorite character, Thorne. Carswell Thorne appeals to me so much probably because he is the only main character that isn't some sacred hero dedicated to saving world. The first time we ever meet him, he's in jail, and the only reason that he even is a part of the story is because Cinder needed his ship. It's kind of nice to see this seemingly useless background character become a main character, and not only that, but become lot's of people's favorite, like me!

To conclude, Cress is one of the best books in The Lunar Chronicles series. It's definitely more interesting than Cider, and better written than Scarlet. If you're reading the series now, Cress is definitely a book to look forward to.

Well, see you in the next book, Winter!

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