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Love at First Scythe

In the book, Scythe, by Neil Shusterman, the human species has evolved beyond death, making everyone immortal. When you feel like you’re getting too old, you just need to do a simple reset. But since no one is dying overpopulation is out of control.

Enter the Scythes, a society of hooded men and women who are the only ones who can cause permanent death. Their job is to kill, or “glean” people they choose. Everyone lives in fear of the Scythes, who can end lives in any way they please, regardless of the person’s age or life they lead. Two of these people are Citra and Rowan, two kids unaware of each other’s existence. But one day, the two are selected to become the apprentices of a Scythe and eventually become one themselves.


My thoughts

Let’s get this out of the way, this book is all about death. And kids killing people. And

learning the ways of mass-murder. This book is not for younger kids. This book was so dark and disturbing when I read it, it made me have a headache for days, which usually happens when I read something that’s disturbing to me. the book is written well, which is both a plus and a minus. Yay, descriptive murder!

I think the characters are okay, if not a little flat. Sometimes something is randomly thrown in to push the plot forward, even if it breaks the rules the book has already established. The best character is killed off early, and two very unlikeable ones are introduced in his place. Some background characters are unneeded, and some chapters drag on too long. Let’s have some positives break up all these negatives: the settings are nice and immersive, the ending is okay, and the overall idea the book offers is interesting.

I guess I would give this book a five out of ten. I’m mostly just nitpicking it, it’s a decent book. It has won awards after all! I wouldn’t suggest this book to anyone under the age of 12 to 13, or if you don’t like hearing about death or are easily disturbed. Not a book I would put in a elementary school library. Maybe not in a middle school either…. I got my copy from a high school library, so I guess be careful if you’re a book supplier? Scythe does put the emphasis on adult in young adult.

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