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Introducing Meyer Month!

Hello Revolutionary Readers! I've had this blog for a few years now, and I've noticed there's a few things that I should be doing better. One of those things is a more stable uploading schedule instead of just making a blog post whenever I feel like it. So starting soon I will try to post one new blog per week! But I still have to attend school and such, so if I miss one week I'll try to make up for it.

But as you've probably noticed, this post isn't a book review. Instead, I am here to announce Meyer Month! In all my years (like three) of Revolutionary Readers, I've never done a special event. So starting this February, I will be reviewing all the books that Marissa Meyer, has written. I own all of her books, including the two anthologies she's contributed to, but I've never gotten around to reviewing any of them. So that's where Meyer Month comes in! I'll will be blogging about all of The Lunar Chronicles series, all of the Renegades series, and her standalone book Heartless straight during next month! So don't be expecting any reviews on books that aren't written by her.

Perhaps this can be a thing I do every February, maybe not, but I hope the three people who read my blog can enjoy it!

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