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In Too Deep!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Ariel, mermaid princess of the sea, had her dreams come true. She finally had two legs to go and be with her beloved human prince, all for the price of her voice. How could she know it would go so wrong?

Tricked by Ursula, the wicked sea witch, Ariel finds her perfect life transformed into a nightmare. Disguised in the identity of Vanessa, Ursula killed her father and married Prince Eric, making her the princess of Tirulia, the human kingdom Ariel should've ruled. accepting her fate, Ariel returns to the sea, voiceless and orphaned.

Fast forward five years, and Ariel has been tasked with the punishment of being her kingdom's queen. A boring and difficult task, Ariel dreams of the happy times she had with Prince Eric. But in a twist of fate, a winged messenger brings news that King Triton may not be dead- but in the cruel hands of Princess Vanessa.

Once more, Ariel will risk anything to rescue her father, but what price will she pay this time? Will she finally be able to win back the happy ending she thought she deserved- or will her recklessness cost her more than she could imagine?


My thoughts

As a huge fan of the Disney Twisted Tales series, I was extremely happy to add this book to my collection. It's the last one I needed (save for the Alice in Wonderland one coming out in a few months), and let's just say I was not disappointed with what I read.

Liz Braswell did it again, spinning a tale just as- if not more- enthralling than the

movie it's based upon. While the original Disney movie is fun, The Little Mermaid is safe and cute, perhaps not to scare younger viewers with too much seriousness. Part of Your World isn't afraid to take a dark turn, enticing older children with dark magic and an older, more brave version of Ariel.

Speaking of Ariel, I really like this version of her. The movie Ariel is bubbly and careless, a point book Ariel touches upon. She says that her carelessness is what got her into trouble in the first place, and she's not wrong. This causes Ariel to be a more empowering and should I say- cool! No longer is she just a pretty singing princess who won her love and kingdom with a pretty song.

I have to say, Part of Your World is now one of my favorite entries in the Twisted Tales series. It takes a good and classic movie and makes it more interesting for a new older generation. I recommend it to Disney and fantasy fans alike, as well as those looking for a new, powerful princess.

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