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3 Epic Books I'm Excited to Come Out!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Thanks to the Bialons for sharing their work on Unsplash.

I am in the midst of a book drought. When all the books I am scheduled to get are still in the mail, and I am unable to go to the library, this is often the case. I am in the middle of rereading every series I own, but I must say even that has become tiring.

Alas, there are many books -- three to be exact -- I am eagerly awaiting to be released, or at least that I want to get my hands on. So, as I have yet to find a book to review, I invite you to come along with me as I display what books I am exited for, as well as my thoughts on what they will be about.


  1. Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer

Pre-order here!

I have a lot of feelings. Which I guess makes sense for a romance book. Long time Reading Rebels know my favorite author is Marissa Meyer, so imagine my joy when I heard this book was being released. And then my disappointment upon hearing it was going to be a quirky romance.

As you all hopefully know, I hate romance. All romance novels are unrealistic daydreams crammed into book form. They don't resemble realistic relationships, and while that might be the reason people enjoy them so much, it's not appetizing to me. I can only enjoy romance when it's wrapped up and covered with fantasy or sci-fi. I'm like a picky toddler- unable to eat my vegetables unless they're baked into some brownies.

Now, Marissa, has never written a romance. Yes, all her books have a romantic sub-plot, but none have been entirely categorized as "Romance." This is a tad concerning to me. Not just because I don't like the genre, but because I'm worried how Marissa will pull this off. Will it be good? Will a picky eater like me enjoy it? I do realize the female love interest does have a superpower- although a small one- the ability to give people karma, good or bad. This is good, interesting even. I've never seen a character with this kind of power, and it has a lot of possibilities.

Am I exited for this book?

Yes. Definitely.

Am I happy about it?

No. Un-definitely.

Will I buy it?

Yes. Definitely.

Instant Karma will be released November 3. I know that I'll be putting it (as well as the Lunar Chronicles new paperback set!) on my Christmas wish list.

2. Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline

What do you do when your very first novel flies to the bestseller list, is made into a movie that grosses millions of dollars, and becomes a modern day classic? You make a sequel!

It's very clear to me and (hopefully) other fans what Ready Player Two is. A cash grab. I don't blame Ernest Cline for doing this, though. It's honestly what I would've done if my book had been so successful, and after what I thought was a lackluster ending, we kind of deserve this. Just because it's a buck blaster doesn't mean it won't be good though, and based on the first book I think it will.

Now, me and my family have been debating on what Ready Player Two will be about, as I can't find anything about the book's plot. Perhaps the evil 101 Corporation will return for revenge, or as my mom suggests: Wade discovers he has a twin brother. I like to believe that perhaps Wade finds he has some distant relative who has a secret about the Oasis, or even better, perhaps a hacker or new organization threatens the Oasis. I'm putting my theories here first so I can say "told you so!" when it comes out.

I did think the ending of the first book was a little too kissy-kissy and perfect. Wade and his once kick-ass girlfriend (reduced to nothing but a doting damsel in distress), decide that they should shut the Oasis down for a few days a week so people can "face the real world". May I remind you, the real world in Ready Player One is a post-apocalyptic dump? They didn't fix the world with all the money he won, so everyone besides them and big corporations has to deal with the desolate reality they face while Wade and Samantha can get it on. The Oasis was the one place of escapism for humanity, the one place where they didn't have to worry. Some people's jobs were even in the Oasis! How can those people earn money to stay alive when they already live in the worst situations possible?

Whatever with the first book now. I'm here to talk about the new one! I'm severely hoping that Ready Player Two will address the problems I've said, as well as still be a good read. Now, while I debate whether I should preorder now or wait until November 24th, let us move on to our third and final book.

3. Brambles Series Book Three: Thicket by Morgan Ray

I have saved the best for last! Behold, the book I am most exited for: Thicket by Morgan Ray!

Technically Thicket is already released, but I have yet to get a copy, so I remain exited! How will the epic battle between good and evil, living and dead, magic and darkness come to a conclusion?

As for what ghost Sidney must choose to marry, I think she'll choose Reginald. He has been the kindest and less creepiest to her, as well as always being there for her to rely on.

However, this is assuming Sidney will even marry Reginald. Another theory I have is that she and her THIRD love interest Aiziah the witch will find a spell that will keep the curse from happening, letting the two lovebirds get married themselves. Perhaps Sidney will break the curse herself after she defeats her dad and transforms into an angel/demon/wolf/cheesecake hybrid. Who knows? I guess people who have read the book know, but I sure don't!

I have to say, I really like Aiziah and I'm glad she'll be getting some more screen time in Thicket. Hopefully she doesn't die or something horrible like that, because she's my next option next to Reginald, and after that there's none (unless you count Dorian, but he's a pee-pee.)

Until I can get a copy of Thicket I will be constantly be wetting myself with excitement. I cannot contain the exuberating feeling inside me for much longer until it bursts out of my chest like a chest-burster from Alien, but much cuter.

The theories I have made up about what it might be about pour from my brain to my mouth like a waterfall, one made of sound. If you can't tell, I have a lot of anticipation. I will wait until the end of time for Thicket, but when I do, I can ensure you I'll eat it up like the most delicious delicacy.


So there you have it for the three books I'm so exited to be released! Some I'm more happy for than others, but I know I'll be the happiest blogger in the world when I can get them. I'm so exited to see if my theories are true, or if they are so far from the truth it would take months to reach them.

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