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Catching the TIGER

Read my riveting review of Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck

THE STORY Kelsey Hayes is a college-aged girl living in Oregon. Her parents died long ago and she now lives with a different family. She's desperate for money so starts to look for a job.

One day, Kelsey applied for a job at the local circus, and she gets it. She makes a few new friends (like Mr. Kadam) and her new job is fine, until Kelsey is asked to help care for Ren, the circus's white tiger.

After going on what she things is a "business trip" for the circus, she discovers Ren is actually an ancient Indian prince trapped by a magic curse.

Ren and his closest companion, who turns out to be Mr. Kadam, ask Kelsey to accompany them across India to help free Ren and his mysterious brother Kishan from the evil powers of Lokesh, an ancient Indian lord. Over 300 years ago, Lokesh cursed the brothers, turning them into long-living tigers. Both the tigers and Lokesh are trying to collect magical Indian artifacts. Lokesh wants the artifacts to kill the brothers once and for all. The tigers want the artifacts to break the spell.

As the clock ticks down searching for the relics, Kelsey and Ren develop a love for each other, but will an ancient curse keep them apart? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE REVIEW The Tiger's Curse series are some of my favorite books and can be read a million

times without getting boring. It's a romance story, but I like how the romance doesn't get in the way of the magic and adventure, creating a perfect magic story.

Tiger's Curse is about Indian mythology and you don't see a lot of books about that, especially written as good as Tiger's Curse is. I recommend these books to fans of the Twilight series, and fans of Aru Shah.

Another thing I have to say is this book is Book ONE of the Tiger's Curse series, and its ending flows right into the next book, Tiger's Quest.

The book series is so popular, it has a lot of fan art -- like this one! Props to

It would be extremely hard to tell you about the ending, so I'm not going to. Instead I highly recommend that you go get this book at your local library or bookstore. It's really good, and the series truly deserves to be read.

A lot.

PS. I JUST saw that the next book (Tiger's Dream) just came out -- and guys, I am freaking out! Also I saw that TIGER'S PROMISE the novella just came out and I'm literally jumping around the room!

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