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Book Club Favorite...even for picky readers

Love mythical creatures? Read Fablehaven.


In Fablehaven by Brandon Mull, Kendra and Seth are sent off to their grandpa’s house for the summer. They think it’ll be just another boring summer vacation that’s not a vacation without their parents, but when they arrive, their proven wrong.

Their grandpa tells them to never go out into the forest, but never why. Until one day, a few clues let Kendra know that her grandpa is actually the caretaker of Fablehaven, a sanctuary for mystical creatures.

Things go awry when Seth causes trouble, letting the evilest of the creatures into their home, the safest place in Fablehaven on accident. Now with magic on the line, Seth, Kendra, and their family must protect themselves from the darkest parts of Fablehaven, and what wants to get in….




When a former grounds keeper’s wife turned witch is freed to save Seth’s life, she releases a strong and evil demon known as Bahumat, Kendra’s family is captured and is threatened to be killed.

She makes a prayer to a fairy queen and an army of fairies aid her in slaying Bahumat and saving her family. Kendra is bestowed the power of the fairies, and Seth and Grandpa are safe.

A week later, Seth and Kendra are sent home. It may be the end of that story, but Seth and Kendra will have many magical adventures in the near, near future.



My Thoughts:

We chose this book for one of the books in my book club, and it was not a mistake.

One of my club’s members finished the entire series and wants more.

Since then, the club has suggested multiple Brandon Mull books for the next read after reading this book.

Fablehaven is good for picky readers who refuse to read little to nothing. It creates a large well-built universe for good imagination and lets the reader become one within the story.

I bought the next volumes in the series to see the final climax. There are five books in the series with two bonus books and two other spin-off series. Fablehaven is a great read aloud book for ages 10-12 and is quite welcome for further discussion in my book group.

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