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Ascend to Your Destiny!

In The Last Angel Warrior, we meet Kalib. Within a matter of days, Kalib Andrews's life changed forever. From being the adopted son of the mayor, having an internship at the prestigious Raventech prosthetic company and getting a date with the girl of his dreams, the curtains have been pulled back to reveal a destiny Kalib never knew he had. Raventech is not what it seems, and neither is the mysterious new history teacher at Kalib's school. But he learns that the hard way when he discovers that no one, not even his adoptive parents, can be trusted.

What can be trusted is the fact that angels, demons, and all sorts of mystical creatures exist, and that Kalib is the only one who can prevent a war thousands of years in the making. He is the Angel Warrior, a magical halfling being who's powers exceed his wildest imagination. the Xothogian demons and their followers want him dead, as his blood is the last thing they need to release the Big Three- self proclaimed gods who wish to take over the world. Aided by a few old friends and some unexpected allies, Kailb must defeat a familiar foe to prevent this fate- the CEO of Raventech and his crush's own father.


My Thoughts

What a ride this was! And what fun! I was intrigued when I was asked to review The Last Angel Warrior by the team working with author John Wells, III. I thought it might be some religious thing made to get kids thinking "Heck yeah, Jesus!", and while I wouldn't be opposed to that, I was happily surprised by what I read. Angel Warrior is a nice, bouncy ride that takes you on an adventure and leaves all your negative feelings behind.

I have nothing bad to say about this book. Well, in my opinion, it did take awhile for the story to really get going, but once it did, oh boy, things got interesting. I originally didn't like Macelton when he was introduced, because, duh, he's the bad guy. The whiplash I got when his true past and identity was revealed was enough to leave a crater in the earth. After that, I found myself rather partial to the dude. He wants what's best for Kalib, but is conflicted whether those decisions really are right.

Another character I have mixed feelings for is Caliyah. It felt like she had so much potential at the beginning. She was a stereotypical popular girl, but she wasn't mean, and she was smart. She seemed really supportive of Kalib, but then everything devolved into a damsel in distress situation. She went from a competent character to just some love interest Kalib would put everything aside for. In the end she just became a plot pusher, and she didn't even remember what Kalib did for her. Can that be reverse character development?

I don't think all hope is lost for her though. The fact she went from "Kissy, kissy, I love you!" to "I think you murdered my dad and destroyed his company," would prove for an interesting plot point in a future book. Perhaps she makes a deal with Beelzebub in the future, or maybe she discovers she's a demon herself. After all, her dad was one of the strongest demons, so she must have some percentage of magic in her.

Speaking of Beezlebub, can I tell you how exited I am about her? She sounds like a kick-butt villain and I love kick-butt villains. I'm interested to see how she tries to unleash the other Big Three members, as well as that stunning cliffhanger. We were hinted at before that Triston's mom didn't die for no reason, nor was she entirely human. But what did Beezlebub mean at the end? Is she his mom? Then why would she be a good guy in Kalib's vision?

To finish this off, I really liked The Last Angel Warrior. It had a good plot, characters with depth, and an ending that left me wanting more. I'll have to wait until the next book comes out, but I can guarantee you I'll be making up more theories until then!

(PS. I love the cover!)

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