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A Killer Comic!

In Dr. Herbert West and Astounding Tales of Medical Malpractice by Bruce Brown, Elizabeth West is often overlooked for her older brother, but she doesn't mind. Her brother Herbert is a genius, one that is sure to change the world for better or for worse.

After arriving at new town to escape yet another one of Herbert's mishaps, a accident involving a cake and a choking man results in Herbert being appointed the village's new doctor. But even a challenge such as medical care grows boring for the him, so he decides to move on to a more interesting task- raising the dead. To no surprise, the newly undead zombies have no intention of obeying Herbert, and begin to go on rampage amongst town, sending Elizabeth and her brother on a wild goose chase to find a antidote before it's too late.


My thoughts

Huzzah! I have returned! And this time, with a book I was requested to review! This is an exiting first for me, and I hope more authors ask me to write about their books. It's always a great bonus being able to discover new books. I apologize that this review is later than expected- online school is total poop. It takes up all my time, not to mention it sucks. But here I am, ready to present to y'all a quality book review just as always!

Dr. Herbert West and Astounding Tales of Medical Malpractice is a comic retelling

I think......
The story was first published in this 1922 magazine!

of the classic H. P. Lovecraft story "Dr. Hubert West - Reanimator". I'm not familiar with Lovecraft's work, but I am interested with it, so this comic provided a perfect introduction to the author. Let me just say right now, the art is AMAZING. The majority of the story is set at night, and so everything is drawn in a pallet of bright blues and purples with bursts of green. The combination of those hues gives off this sickly, dark atmosphere, something that perfectly fits the story of the book, colors usually associated with sickness or rotting.

As for the story, there's not much to say since I haven't read the source material, but I'm sure it's a good book-to-comic adaptation. As someone who enjoys reading horror comics, there's nothing much on the scare side of things. As stated, I haven't read the original book to compare too, but the comic isn't as bone chilling as it claims. Maybe it's just because I've become numb to scary stuff, but I wouldn't imagine anyone above sixth grade being scared by Astounding Tales. That's not a bad thing though, especially if you're someone who is frightened easily.

Well, let's see here. The art is great, the story is good, but it's not scary. All in all, I do recommend reading Dr. Herbert West and Astounding Tales of Medical Malpractice. It's a good, if not quick read, that I found enjoyable the whole way through.

I'm exited to see what else will come from this author, whom I would thoroughly like to thank for asking me to review his book. It really makes me feel like an established book blogger!

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