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A Journey Out of this World!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

For years, scientists have wondered if there was life somewhere off in the universe, or if we are completely alone. In The Winds of Power: The Sleeper Prophecy, imagine their surprise when a select few found that they were right, there is life, but also a great evil threatening it.

The Galactic Alliance, seven planets unified in peace, have done everything in their power to prevent a horrible war, but time is running out. They only have one last option: to find and train four children blessed with the powers of a blue-violet star.

Aiden is one of these four, but he is unsure of his mission. He's left everything behind on earth, including his terminally sick brother.

Now, with the help of three other kids: Cosmo, Amber, and Sarah-Jane, they'll have to face an enemy out of this world. But will the past and false promises hold them back?


My Thoughts

The Winds of Power by Robert Drummond is what I would call a fascinating book. It could be categorized as a sci-fi book, and while it does have many sci-fi elements, what stood out to me the most was the relationship between the four main characters. If it had been any different, Winds of Power wouldn't have been as good as I think it is.

The four characters, Aiden, Cosmo, Sarah-Jane, and Amber, spend the majority of the book training on a spaceship. Perhaps on paper that doesn't sound very interesting, but what they do in that time makes this book worthwhile. All four of them come from very different backgrounds, even different countries, but they manage to come together as a tightly-knit team, even more like a family.

I found it very cool that the author wrote them this way, giving the reader a intimate way to connect with the characters even in this unrealistic environment. All the kids just found out they have powers and they need to save the whole universe, and were taken from their homes to stay with aliens. It's something crazy that most of them didn't even believe could happen, and yet they manage to come together via this change and stress, making them even stronger heroes.

I think this might be why the whole story is told following Aiden. In the beginning, we know that Aiden has gone through a lot of loss. His parents are dead, and he's on the risk of loosing his little brother too. All of a sudden he has to go on this unbelievable mission, and he has to leave everything behind. But instead of this tremendous change hurting him, It gives him the opportunity to make a new family. Him and the other trainees have only come to know each other because of this alien threat (literally), but they make the best of their situation to become even better friends.

The Winds of Power is a book where you come for the action and stay for the characters. You become so connected you want to see what happens to them. This book really surprised me by passing my expectations, and I could definitely see myself reading it again!

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